10km from Doklam face-off site, Chinese troops widen existing road

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China is now upgrading and widening its existing motorable road in the Bhutanese territory of Doklam after Indian troops stopped People's Liberation Army from extending it towards the Jampheri Ridge+ , which overlooks the strategically-vulnerable Siliguri Corridor or so-called "Chicken's Neck" area, in mid-June.

India has not yet objected to China's fresh road-construction activity, which is around 10-km from the earlier troop face-off site+ , because it is not southwards towards the militarily-sensitive Jampheri Ridge area like before. "The PLA is now using the construction material and bulldozers it had brought to the face-off site at Doklam to improve the road it built in the region some years ago," said a source.

"China is reinforcing its claim on the Doklam territory (India backs Bhutan's claim on it) by upgrading the road around 10-km north and east of the earlier face-off site. The PLA has been controlling the road for some years and regularly sends patrols to the area," he added.

This comes a time when both India and China are maintaining stepped-up military force-levels near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction despite the rival troops having disengaged from the actual face-off site at Doklam on August 28.

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Location : Doklama. Tomczak M., Kajetana GarbiƄskiego, Warsaw, Poland Date : 2017-10-06 06:55:24