9 Best Universities in Spain for International Students

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There are a hundred universities in Spain and many are internationally recognized for excellence. But if you’re not sure which university to study at that works best with international students like you, we’ve got a list for you here. To help narrow down your decision,

Here are 9 of the best universities in Spain for international students:-

University of Barcelona

Having opened its doors in 1450, the University of Barcelona is one of Spain’s oldest (dating older than the United States, uff da!) and best ranking around the world. It’s got a fab track record of top notch academics, with bragging rights as the prime research hub in all of Spain (not to mention winning Best University of Spain in 2011). It’s been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education in 2009 as a Campus of International Excellence, catering to meet the growing needs of a globalized world.

University of Madrid

Autonomous University of Madrid (or UAM for short) has a top rank as one of the cream of the crop universities in all of Spain and is known as one of the top 200 universities in the world. UAM proudly holds recognitions from prominent organizations like El Mundo, the Times Higher Education Supplement, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities.


University of Seville

Seville is a huge magnet for international students because of its easy accessibility, the warmer southern climates, and the welcoming Andalucian culture. Oh, and the academics? University of Seville (or US for short) is known as a campus city because of its large size right in the middle of everything.One of the best universities in Spain, the US has over 70,000 students on its Campus of International Excellence. Each program has an international focus offering 67 undergraduate and 77 masters degrees, so they’re bound to have a classes to fit your goals.

University of Granada

It has 13% of its student population coming borders outside of Spain and nearly 800 exchange agreements with universities and institutions all around the world where students participate in the 58 undergraduate and 78 master’s level programs. Each program is well equipped with services on and off campus, and the university is situated in a mild climate near the mountains and not far from the Mediterranean Sea.

The University of Almería

This Almería based university has over 12,000 students and a growing international student population. While it’s a younger university founded only 10 years ago, it’s developing rapidly with its high-end technology and top-notch professors.

The University of Càdiz

Also known as UCA, this university is located in the mid-sized coastal city of Càdiz. It's known as the university of medicine, surgery, technology, and social services. It's a digital university, and along with classes, it has four internship programs to give you real world experience in your desired career area with companies in Càdiz Some are even required as part of your program.

University of Salamanca

Founded in 1134, the University of Salamanca has long been considered one of the best universities in Spain and a pivotal representative in discussions regarding Spanish economics, scientific explorations (i.e the feasability of Christopher Columbus's voyage), and political changes.

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