Three territorial scales

Selected By : Bertrand de Foucauld

Here in the little island of Ile-aux-Moines (the Monks' island in French), the mayor with his communal ribbon, made a speech to people dressed with their local traditional cloths, celebrating around the Britannic flag (regional scale) while facing the European symbol (continental dimension). The image was taken during the "Semaine du Golfe", on Saturday 27th May 2017.

This little and simple photo can give a lot to think about our future territorial division: the Metropolis, the region and the continent. It must be taken in account, at least for the French local territories, that none (or nearly none of them) of them are in deficit because they don't have the right to. Thus, we have three territorial institutions that are not endebted - thus with a strong economic investment potential -  and a strong cultural identity. As a reminder, the European Union, as it is now, is the biggest market in the world, as turnover is concerned.

Location : Île aux Moines, Île-aux-Moines, France Date : 2017-06-01 11:20:52