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You will learn about the social services that shape our culture and spaces we live in, and will discover a variety of systems for ‘reading’ cities and places.

You will observe the practices of public preparation and design, and explore the political and autonomous factors which effect it.

The degree mixtures core areas from our geography and city planning units and is planned to prepare you with strong methodical skills and practical execution skills.

Geography is a latitudinal science that looks at the ways persons interact with their environment in our nonstop changing world.

Planning is an applied science based on decision-making, finding usable land and developing communities.

Students study issues that are serious to all living beings like global warming, economic development, resource management, land use conflict and population growing, to name a few.

Geography and planning generals use state-of- the-art Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Workrooms that have over twenty-five mainframes in a networked environment.

Also, students gain "real-world" skills through our nationally documented internship program where they work with preparation agencies, community development establishments or companies applying geographic information system technologies.

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